2021-22 Course Objectives

After completing The 2021–22 Dental Update you should have acquired the knowledge that will better enable you to:

  • Grow your practice through better doctor and staff communications with patients.
  • Respond to medical emergencies in the dental office.
  • Implement protocols and systems to create an office culture of accountability.
  • Identify stress and burnout symptoms and learn strategies to manage them.
  • Understand how to make your practice an effective sales organization.
  • Understand when and how to bring on and retain dental associates.
  • Identify the characteristics and treatment risk implications of a variety of medications and diseases.
  • Understand high conflict patients and how to better manage them.
  • Identify pain management alternatives including proper opioid use.
  • Understand office-based infections and reduce their spread.
  • Better prepare for and execute a practice sale or merger.
  • Identify and address common sleep problems.
  • Identify and address the relationship between sleep disorders and chronic pain.
  • Identify victims of human trafficking and understand the dentist’s role in responding to a suspicion.

The 2021–22 Dental Update, offered weekly in over 40 enviable destinations, is a unique, 20-hour survey of the intersection of practice management, risk management and selected clinical topics.

Program Description

The Update is produced in state-of-the-art studios utilizing 4K digital technology and presented via COVID-safe, Destination-based, Virtual Classrooms. That means, as in the past, you will participate in the travel destination of your choice during scheduled lecture hours, however, you will view The Update on your laptop, tablet or smart phone from the comfort and safety of your hotel room or condominium. And you will do so in the virtual and interactive company of your colleagues in attendance at the same time.

We think this offers the best of all worlds: Comfort, safety, and the ability to interact in real time with a multi-discipline audience of professional peers. You will have over 1,000 oppor­tunities to attend, at your choice of over 40 premier sun and ski resorts, through September 30, 2022– virtually any week you choose.

Program Accreditation