California CME, CLE, and CE Courses | AEI

From the beaches to the mountain tops, California CLE provides any type of adventure any time of year. With AEI's CME CLE, or CE in California, you will spend your mornings expanding your knowledge and the remainder of the day relaxing or adventuring, your choice. All three California destinations are perfect for a get-away.

Join us in Lake Tahoe for the mountains, Palm Springs for the desert oasis, Napa for the wine, or San Francisco for the sightseeing. Dental CE courses in California were never this luxurious. CME and CLE in California is brilliant.

Lake Tahoe, California for CME, CLE, and CE

Explore Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is fantastic any time of year. Plan your California continuing education in the winter and add a little down-hill ski adrenaline boost. Schedule CME, CLE, or CE in California in the summertime to enjoy glorious lakeside and mountain hikes. This state's ever changing seasons offer you a wide variety of options for your CME in California adventures.

Napa, California for CME, CLE, and CE

Explore Napa

Napa is ideal March through May and August through October, for your California CME, CLE, or CE, but there is never a wrong time for this scenic and tasty countryside. Enjoy wine tours, horseback riding and phenomenal gourmet meals. Your continuing education will only occupy four hours each, of five days. How will you spend the rest of your California CE time?

Shadow Mountain Resort in Palm Springs, California for CME, CLE, and CE

Explore Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a desert oasis, waiting to win you over while here for your dental continuing education. So close to LA but yet so far away, enjoy natural hot springs and spas as well as golf and poolside leisure in sunny Palm Springs. CME, CLE, and CE in California couldn't be more relaxing.

San Francisco, CA

Explore San Francisco

San Francisco is a cosmopolitan city like no other. Famous for its cable cars, steep hills, and the Golden Gate Bridge, it is the perfect spot for California continuing education. When not pursuing your CME, CLE, and CE credits, enjoy Fisherman's Wharf, Haight Ashbury, or the Castro. Don't forget a quick jaunt to Alcatraz before you return home.